Monday, June 7, 2010

Erin's BBQ Party


6 June Monday - Chicken , Fishballs , Crab , Hotdogs....

Yesterday night was a blast of a night , me and Shawn went to Erin's BBQ Party.She invited me during when I was sick and I can't confirm her invitation properly.At the last minute , I confirmed my invitation and I went to her party.Shawn also confirmed his invitation in the last minute too.

When we got there , we found ourselves in the middle of busy people.We were trying to find something to do , we walked around the area at first.The field was serene and a bunch of malays were playing football.We got back to Erin's house just to see if we could help out , Erin told us to help fetch some people from the Taman Melati LRT Station nearby.We went there immediately and fetch a bunch of guys.Ron arrived with a cake on his hands , he baked it for Erin.

Abel was the same old singing dude , he kept singing all of Justin Bieber's hits.We arrived back at the house , Erin was so exhausted.On the way back to her house , I met Elycia for the first time in person.I think she did not regconize me at first.We went to the dewan of her area , she rented the place for the whole year for RM20 , awesome.When I got to te dewan , I saw a bunch of people trying to make the fire for the BBQ.They managed to make a perfect fire for the festivitie just in time.

Everyone was sticking food into a metal rod and went to the BBQ place to cook it.The chicken was harder to cook than any other food that day.I cooked it for a long time and still I can't manage to get it well cooked , I failed in barbequeing.Shawn was like a tiger as usual , ngom ngom on every thing he sees.He was fast and quick.Ron was chatting all night with people all around him.Abel was walking around singing and all that haha.Erin was so busy that night , girl you done a good party.I met a guy there , his name is alvin and his brother's name is Nicholas.I am Nicholas and my brother's name is Alvin , wow.

Someone surprised Erin with a birthday cake that day , instead of eating the cake.Everyone took bits of cake and threw at each other , smurling everything all over people's faces.Erin was the pure target that day , she was one with most cake on her face.I think she cried when someone brought the cake to her , Happy Birthday Erin !!!

We cleaned the place up before we went home.Shawn and me went home by Taxi , the taxi driver really likes to talk.

Ops my pencil is broken , I like BBQ !!!

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