Friday, June 11, 2010

The Patriot (Film)

"The Patriot"

11 June Friday - Awesome film.

Hi guys , I just went to a therapy this afternoon for my headaches , it helped me tremendously but I did not get to sit for my tuition today.I always get this guilty feeling when I did not attend to school and tuition , I really hate this feeling , it makes me feel like I am a criminal or an outlaw.Back to the topic , yesterday I watched this amazing film after coming back from gym.

I always play those 18th century and 19th century war video games , where you choose a country and conquer the whole entire world.The wars and cultures during the century was amazing , it was the age of industrialisation.It was a time of cannons , gunpowder , naval battles and travelling around the world.The major superpower back then was The British Empire , having a strong army and spectacular wealth.In the early 19th century , there comes one of my favourite generals of all time.Napoleon Bonaparte who changed European politics and started the Napoleonic Wars.Enough about history , lets carry on with the film shall we?

The Patriot is a film by Roland Emmerich and a bunch of people who are responsible in creating this wonderful movie.Starring Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger , it was produced by Mutal Film Company and distributed by Colombian Pictures.This film is largely filmed in South Carolina and it is about the American Revolutionary War , when the 13 British Colonies of America with the help of the French Army fought against the mainland British Empire.The Patriot was nominated for 3 academy awards.

Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson) is a veteran of the indian and french war and a widower who is raising alot of kids in his family.Benjamin Martin has alot of skills in guerilla warfare and sharpshooting with muskets.Skirmishes then came and burned his house and his livestocks , the horses were spared because the skirmishes are Green Calvary Dragoons.Dragoons are infantry units with sharpshooting and sword fighting skills riding on strong horses.They left the horses alive so that they could use them , they were there to raid and capture a colonial infantry named Gabriel.In the chaos , Benjamin's son got shot by the leader of the Green Calvary Dragoons.This made Benjamin furious and chased down the transport unit which they had Gabriel.Bejamin along with his two brave sons and some weapons managed to rescue Gabriel from the Redcoats.Redcoats are British Soldiers , because they all worn red colour coats back then.The people usually called them Redcoats either as respect or insult as Redcoats also meant "Bloodyback" to the colonial.

I can't say the story further down , all I am going to say is that Benjamin later ordered by a higher ranking officer to recruit militias specialize in guerrila warfare and tactical raiding.In his adventures , he would meet new people into his ranks.Like the French General who is sent by France to aid the colonian army and a black man who is a slave and he is fighting for his freedom.The story in The Patriot is a mind numbing one , able to mix politics , drama , action and even comedy together in one single jumbo pack is truly an amazing and inspirational thing to do.Sometimes I found myself laughing through comedic short scenes of the movie and sometimes I found myself giving sympathy to the sad scenes.The final battle of the movie almost made me cry as the colonial soldiers fought on the Redcoats even though they were overly outnumbered.

The fighting scenes are great too , the scene when Benjamin was fighting transport units transporting the captured Gabriel.His tactics of guerilla warfare and tomahawking skills are nice to watch.The fighting scenes of the Militia gathered by Benjamin was also quite nice too , but nothing beats the epicness of the last battle.The movie also has love themes in it , the father's love to his children and the love of a boy with a girl.Always hoping to meet them back after this service has ended.The theme of fighting for freedom is of course very seen in this movie , as colonian line infantry stood strong against the mighty British Armies even all odds are against them.

This film is an excellent war film , I recommend you to watch it.But rarely anyone I know would watch these kinds of films so thats why I am promoting on my blog where different variety of people is on cyberspace could know this.

Ops my pencil is broken , Viva La


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