Thursday, June 24, 2010

HEY GET THIS : The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion

"Charge !"

24 June Thursday - We all like a good role playing game don't we ?

Hello gamers and any others who are interested in today's topic , today I am gonna review a video game that has made a major influence in the RPG games category.Today I bring you The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion , a marvelous RPG game.Lets get it started.

I bought this game last year and I enjoyed it , this game has over a hundred hours of game play time.Meaningly you won't be buying a new game soon and it really dampers down the cost of gaming.Usually we bought games with only 7 hours of game play value and replaying the tits and bits of the game would be absolute boredom.Then , we would need to buy a new game again.This game has enough contents to keep you running and playing.

The story is a very typical adventure action kind of story.The kingdom in the game has met a terrible crisis , the emperor is dead and the portal between the realm of demons and the kingdom is beginning to fade.With no new heir to the throne , the kingdom is doomed.You are a prisoner who witnessed the death of the emperor , before he fell into the claws of death , he told you fulfill your destiny and that is to save the kingdom from the realm of demons.You would find yourself very intrigued by the story as you play the game.Not only that , hundreds of side quests are waiting for you to complete.Explore the vast world and uncover secrets never before seen.You would meet new interesting characters with backgrounds throughout the world of Oblivion , some would help you and some would even try to kill you.

I played the game for a few months and I found myself making a new character after another.After bashing and slashing with warrior characters , I found myself casting spells and performing alchemy with magician characters.So many things to do , so little time.Combat in the game is pretty simple , you can either be in FPS mode or Third Person Mode.FPS mode allows you to only see your character's arms and you would be seeing through his eyes , Third Person Mode allows you to see your whole character and you would be able see the surroundings from overall view.Personally , I like the FPS mode , suits me better.You could either take down your enemy by force and brute strength or by stealth and cunning , it is all depend on your choice of class your character has.

The graphics are very pretty for a game of it's age , a decent computer could run it just fine.Remember to check the system requirements to play this game.Not all computers are game wised , some computers are only just for working.The natural environment in this game is very detailed , from the rivers under the mountains to the beautiful cities of the kingdom.Visit every single city in the game ! Each has it's own history and past.

A very unique game and a must get !!! IF you like being free and able to do with anything with your character inside a video game then this is the game you need.What I said is only a fraction of this game , try it out now ! Buy a copy of this game , I don't care if it's a legit copy or a pirated copy.GET IT !!

A few videos concerning towards this game :

Ops my pencil is broken , HEY GET THIS !!


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