Saturday, June 19, 2010

Youth In Revolt

"Oh Michael Cera"

18 June Friday - Youth In Revolt

I came across this movie when I was snuffing out my DVD closet , found this particular film sitting on a dusted wooden platform.I took it out and then I watched it and it was a blast ! The story is really unique and was inspired by a writer's book.I like the sense of comedy in this movie , I never had this much fun watching this movie for a long time.Warning though , please do mind anything negative towards you while watching this movie.You know what I mean right ?

The film is pretty simple , a teenager named Nick Twisp (Michael Cera) is a 16 year old boy who is an outcast of his generation.He doesn't fit in at all , he has the mind of the older generations.He has a dirvoced wife who has a boyfriend , issues in High School , a somewhat erect member disfigured friend and finds himself excluded from the world of teenagers.One day , his mother's boyfriend sent the whole family to live by a lake in a trailer.Nick then met this intelligent and beautiful girl , he then dated with her a couple of times but later on found out that she has a boyfriend.

I don't wanna say much later on , I am just telling you that Nick is gonna do alot of stupid things just to get her.Much like any other movies but much different , so please do check this film out as it is a blast to watch.The comedy is brilliant , I like how Nick's different persona comes in and help out Nick with his bad boyish personality.Some good sarcasm and some crazy characters to fit into the line.The protagonist has an interesting background which makes him a perfect guy for this film.

While the story provided me with interesting entertainment , it also provided me with moral values.Here are the things I learnt from this film ~

1.That girls like bad boys more than good boys.I think it is an ancient fetish lol
2.Never insult a cop "Donut eating guy" but you can treat them one.
3.Don't mess with the Navy.They can do anything !
4.French school is awesome !

Ok , don't take those seriously.I was kidding ~ Here is the real moral value I learnt.Guys , I know that you would love a girl and do whatever it takes just to win her heart.But you don't need to change just for a girl , just be yourself.If they don't like you for who you are then the choice is yours to decide.There are girls out there that would love and care for you for who you are and not who you aren't , just be yourself as what Nick Twisp said in the end of the movie.

"Maybe Nick Twisp Was Enough"

I seen people out there actually falling for bad people instead of decent ones , so heres a message to yall out there.Careful about what you choose , sometimes it isn't love.True love is hard to find and only comes once in your life time.Just giving you guys some heads up !

"A Perfect Outing Eh ?"
"He looks Shocked"

Ops my pencil is broken , CHOOSE WISELY.


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