Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Rawr #4


13 June Sunday - Coldishly Yummy

Hey guys whats up , do you know that in history that theres a whale got washed up to shore in a beach somewhere.Then everyone started to gathered around it , the whale then started to rumble in it's tummy.The not long after , the whale's stomach exploded !! All the organs fell on those people.The whale contains gases inside it's stomach , it exploded because the stomach can't hold on much longer.So next time you see a whale got washed up to shore , get away immediately and head far away to see the awesome exploding sight.

Whale + Exploding Stomach + Blubber = Bombastic


In this video , a girl actually said "C-Word" in international television.I think she said "cunt" ? It was on the Youtube front page lol

I heard alot of guys said the F-word and many other "(alphabets)-word" on international television :D

Guys please watch this video then promote this video all over the world , Facebook or whatever just help me promotoe.This guy is Michael Grimm , he is competing for the America's Got Talent Show just to get the money to help his grandma.He has a soulful and emotional voice , please do listen to him.He has a true talent.

I cried after watching this T_T

Ops my pencil is broken , NO pictures this week lolz


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