Thursday, June 3, 2010

Smoking Toddler In Indonesia

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We all know smoking cigars or tobaccos is a bad thing to do yet millions of people around the world are doing this , even some people I know around me smoke all the time.My mom always told me to "Live And Let Live" , let them live as however they want unless they are hurting us.BUT they are hurting us , think about it.Everytime they inhale the cigarette smoke , they exhale more smokes out again.The exhaled smoke is actually much deadly and life threatening than inhaled smoke.We breath the exhaled smoke and we got the most deadly circumstances.

Now theres actually a 2 year old toddler smoking out there in the rural areas of Indonesia.This baby was addicted to cigarettes since 18 months old.His father actually stupidily introduced him cigarettes and now the baby is super addicted to cigarettes.He can't pass a day without it , if he doesn't get his regular dose of cigarettes , he would throw things and shout all day long.Everyday , his parents spent $7 for his regular smokes.The toddler would smoke 40 cigarettes a day , this would endanger his life.His life would end before he even get to puberty , lung cancer is a tough bitch to fight.His brain would become obselete and his body would be in broken shape.

The parents are stupid , I blame them.Who in the world would introduce cigarettes to a 18 months old toddler , would you ? I seen teenagers in toilets or after school hanging out around while smoking cigarettes but they weren't forced by their parents.Those parents should be put to jail and be educated on how to be a good parent.

Indonesia doesn't ban their cigarettes comercials on televisions like we do.The people of Indonesia is allowed to sell their cigarettes or tobaccos through comercials through the media.The Health Care of Indonesia performed a survey on the people of the country.Most teenagers got introduced into cigarettes is because of they got attracted to the comercials broadcasting through the media.

Please do watch your health guys , dear readers ,  don't ever smoke.If you are smoking right now , then please lessen your doses.Smoking kills.

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