Sunday, June 27, 2010

Michael Jackson / Seashells !

"You Know I Am BAD !!!"

27 June Sunday - Michael Jackson

Its been so fast , already a year after Michael's death and now we are still wishing him to be here.If he is not gone right now , the world might be changed.From when just I was a little baby , I marveled him as my father listened to his pop songs.He was the King of Pop , no one could replace his strength and dignity.Controversies relating to him about sexual assaults and any kind of bullshit are pure blasphemies.The media was trying to make money and on the other hand weaken Michael.

But trolling around won't bring him back , lets just know that he gone to a better place.Michael Jackson will forever be my King Of Pop , he would be the King Of Pop of my grandchildren !!! I make sure of that haha.My sympathies to Michael's family who lost such a wonderful man and father.


Seashells are like ornaments of the ocean , we all love them !!! They were even used as currency before ! When we are relaxing and chilling along the coast of the beach , these little rascals could be found just by taking a little stroll.We usually take big ones up and listen through them , everyone says they could hear the ocean in the seashells.But sorry , we are all wrong :D

We are actually hearing our own blood flowing through our heads when listening through a seashell.So it is not the ocean that we are hearing , it is our own blood.The seashell's design has the perfect echo chamber to hear whats going on in our heads !!! We all thought that it is the ocean that we are hearing because of psychological reasons , SEASHELLS ARE FOUND NEARBY OCEANS.

Ops my pencil is broken , BAM


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