Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fireflies / OMGFacts

"Fireflies ... NO not the song"

26 June Saturday - Little Glowing Angels

On Earth lives a very beautiful and graceful insect , it's name is Firefly.Fireflies are summer time bugs , they live almost everywhere in the world.Usually they like places that are warm and humid , except for Kansas in USA.They commonly set camp near underbrushes , streams , lakes , and damp areas.I love fireflies so much even though I never seen them before.I really wish I got the chance to see such magnificent beings flying all around me.

There are over a thousand species of fireflies , and still more being discovered.Most species are found in Asia and South America , flying ones are actually winged beetles.Some live underwater and trees for their whole lives ! Firefly's larvae is called a glowworm , it has an interesting method on capturing it's prey.They feed on slugs and snails , they would follow slime trails produced by snails and slugs then inject them with a chemical substance to numb them.Victims would be stunned and motion-less , then the glowworms would munch them up until ~ I can't imagine them eating snails and slugs , they seem quite difficult to eat lol.Fully grown fireflies feed on nectar and other species of fireflies.Cannibalism anyone ?

The lights on their abdomen are actually produced by chemical reactions inside the capsule.It is used to attract the opposite sex , each species has it's own unique light.Some even used their lights to trick other species of fireflies into thinking it's mating time in order to capture it and eat it.But sadly , populations of the fireflies are declining because of several reasons.Biochemical and light pollutions are the main reason that the firefly's populations are declining.Development of the area also caused the fireflies to seek a new home.

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