Saturday, June 19, 2010

Holiday Review

"Its A Mystery !"

19 June Saturday - One last watch back to our holidays !

I like pie , I really do.The taste and smell of a delicious roasted pie are just too irresistible.But you know what I like too ? Reviewing everything I done , well not everything but you get the point.This holiday is a real joy ride just like any other holiday , mainly because we get to be at our homes for like days.I spent most of my time in my house this holiday just like any nest dweller out there.Heres some fun things I done this holiday.

I constantly went to the gym with my friend and I found no results on me.Because I also constantly wake up late at night and then ended up being hungry , I took supper almost everyday this holiday.My dad appointed me to wake him up when its 2am because theres gonna be a World Cup match by then.I was a human alarm clock , fear me as I wake you up with annoying noises during times you don't need to be woken up.I will make an army of human alarm clocks , we are gonna rule the world !

I tend to avoid the dramas , because dramas are ugly.Not by outlook but by "inlook" , dramas usually get you down all the time.By drama I mean real drama in real life and not fake drama in TV Shows.Well we also celebrated Jay , Ron and RZ birthday.It turned out very well , we even managed to surprise them.They did not suspected a thing , I think.

Well thats really it , see you later then !

Ops my pencil is broken , Imma hit !


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