Monday, June 7, 2010

Mun Yee 6K Gathering (Helper)

"Fried Chicken"

6 June Sunday - I love me some fried chicken.

Sorry about yesterday for not posting anything , I did not think that I would go to a shopping mall right after my tuition.When I got back it was one hour away to the BBQ party so I can't find time to write the post.I promised you something but I failed to comply , sorry.

Saturday , I went to a Mun Yee 6K Gathering with my friend.I am not from Mun Yee and I am definitely not 6K , my friend invited me to be his helper.He told me to meet him up at Sky Restaurant near the Archery Range at 6pm.I met him up and he started to send out phone callls.He found out that a two of his classmates were at another Sky Restaurant , there are two Sky Restaurants in the area.One is near the Prima Market and another one near the skybridge.We went there ASAP to fetch them back.

After fetching them back , we went to fetch another two girls.At first , my friend who is host created a plan to eat at a steamboat restaurant but later the plans changed into eating at KFC located at Genting Klang.I met some new friends , a girl named Esther and a guy named Jun Xing.I don't know their surnames , oh well.We ordered a barrel of fried chickens and some other drinks.

Shaveena and Shawn arrived later on , everyone was trying to get their hands on my camera just to delete my taken photos.Haha , not a chance.The gathering was kinda disappointing  because only 8 out of 40 came that day.Foong was kinda disappointed ,  I can see it from his face.Shawn was a beast that day , chewing down every chicken he saw lol.He is a very good eater.After the gathering was over , Shaveena's took me home.

It was fun even though only 8 ppl came , we managed to lighten up the party.

Ops my pencil is broken , Massa !


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