Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Canning !!

"I Love This Picture XD"

22 June Tuesday - Quite an interesting day.

Lets start today's journal by saying that my class got jinxed , exactly this morning during the daily meetings we have everyday in our school.There was a special presentation today by 5A , they were doing a debate on stage regarding the issue of canning in school.Personally , I rather have this system to be in our schools in further years to come.Why ? Well thats rather a long answer to it.You can talk to them but most of them would do the same thing over again or rather just ignore the counselor who they are to speaking to.What matters is not about the canning , its about educating parents on how to raise a child with good mentality and physical qualities.Canning is just a system of maintaining order , it is to release fear into the  minds of the students that if they did something wrong , they are gonna be canned.I heard cases of parents of children coming to schools just to complain about hurting their children and that the parents themselves won't even can them.If the children are really that fragile that they can't even handle a smack to the butt then I don't know what to say really.So to me , canning must be used but in a more proper way rather than abusing it's power.But my opinion might change in the future , who knows ?

Anyway , after the debate.Puan Wong told my class to prepare the next presentation for next week , I was shocked.I can't find myself going up on stage , I have stage frights.I find myself shivering like a dog when I am talking infront of alot of people.My mind would stagger and I would forget everything in my mind.Today was quite busy except for BI class since our BI teacher was absent today.We actually went back home earlier than ever before , I was pleased hehe.

A few exam papers came today , I did well in my Physics paper 1 but badly in paper 2.Right now , I am waiting for Physics paper 3 , which would tell me my official marks.I hope there won't be a FAILURE in my exam !!! I am grateful at what I got right now.

Ops my pencil is broken , goodnight


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