Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pointless Rant


5 June Saturday - I apologize

Just don't know why these few days , I felt like I done alot of sins , bad things to everything around me.I got a heavy heart and a heavy head these few days , thinking and reconsidering what I done and what I would done in the future.Why am I feeling guilty ?

Anyways , today I went to a gathering union party thingie , but it was not my primary class.It was my friend's class gathering , he invited me because he wanted me to his camera man but I did not took that much pictures because people were covering their faces haha.The gathering had few people attented , 8 out of 40 people came.Imagine the atmosphere but we managed to get the gathering heated up despite of the minority of numbers.

Its late and I gotta do my work before tomorrow so I would upload my pics to Facebook tomorrow , there will be two posts tomorrow.

ops my pencil is broken , yoink


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