Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Combo Birthday Celebration !

"Jay-Ron-RZ Combo Pack"

17 June Thursday - Cakey Cake

We love birthdays , we all love celebrating birthdays even more ! But imagine celebrating three person's birthdays at once , a wonderful and grand festive eh ? We went to HJ's party just to celebrate birthdays of Ron , Jay and Rui Zhen.We had a blast that day !

Well at first we gotta surprise them with the birthday cake , which was really hard but we managed to sort it all out.It won't be a surprise if we let him see that we brought a cake for him.We told someone to distract him so we could take the cake into the house , we managed to sneak it in perfectly but I think he suspected something.

We played Mahjong and Erin even stacked those Mahjong tiles into monuments of the world.Pictures of those stacked monuments are in my Facebook Profile , I gotta find a place to put my pictures instead of Facebook.We even played that tower of blocks that until now I still don't know the name lol.Cards were also a "got" in the party haha.

We later surprised them with the birthday cake and with presents of course.They had a blast and were surprised !!! We ate cake later , I chosen the cake myself.It was chocolate and vanilla cake , a normal cake for a great festive.After the cake ceremony , we all discussed about the video on Youtube lol.Everyone was talking about Lady Gaga Alejandro MV.All those conspiracy theories and satanic thingies , no big deal lol.

We then went to Wangsa Walk and ate dinner in BBQ Plaza , spicy chickens are awesome !

Ops my pencil is broken , BAM


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