Thursday, June 10, 2010

TMNet and Bola


10 June Thursday - Stupid Internet , Glorious World Cup

Hey guys , these days are a real bummer.The internet is abit glitchy , I can't seem to browse through most webs smoothly , tons of error messages came in like a charging calvary.The only smooth website I could find are Youtube and Facebook.I can't log in into my MSN and play online games.I am not the only one , all my friends are facing this problem.Streamyx must be doing some hardcore stuff over there.Today , the web got better a little and I am able to login my Blogger account.

FIFA World Cup is coming guys !! I am not really a soccer guy , I don't watch soccer that much but I really like FIFA World Cup.I rarely even chase the English Premier League , I like the World Cup more because it brings all diffrent cultures and races of the world together and compete each other with a single sport.Italy has the most titles , four I guess.I am rooting for England , maybe just maybe they could win.

Short posts for short days :(

Ops my pencil is broken , Boring holidays.


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