Friday, July 2, 2010

Drama And Report Card Day

"No Thats Not Mine"

 2 July Friday - Report Card Day.

Hey guys , just giving you guys a little update here.The drama that we performed this Thursday was going great but the singing part was humiliating.I can't believe teacher told us to sing "We Are The World" ! We are not singers and definitely not Leona Lewis.We are just students with a job to do and thats getting that drama done.But oh well , whats gone is gone.At least we did not get tomatoes throwing at us.The principal was the first one to give us a comment , he said that the drama was nice.He wanted to encourage the whole school to sing with us but theres not much time left.He is a great principal , the last two ones were meh.

Ohya , I found out those "bees" making pod thingies in our class were actually wasps.Wasps have  small middle parts , they don't sting just bite.Some of their bites are actually venomous so becareful.They are a great natural predators , they feed mainly on pests.Farmers use them as biological control in their crop fields.They eat the pests and rarely harms the plants of the field.Giving the farmer much better crop quality and the same time giving the wasps something to eat.Its a win win.

While preparing the drama , I found a small room behind my whiteboard.My friend Alisa told me theres a room inside , I went there and found out that the door was unlocked and I went it.The whole room was like abandoned for like months I guess , theres one table electric fan and a another electric fan standing on the floor.A bunch of banners rolled up in the corner , alot of chairs and a table.A window which has the view of the school field outside , you gotta crawl under the white board in order to get inside the room.I tried writing my story in there since it is much quieter inside , I finished Chapter 2 in just two hours inside there.Since the last 4 periods of the day were free , I used two hours in there to finish my Chapter 2.I even took a little snooze in there !!!

Report Card is today guys , I went there with my mom and my brother.We took my brother's report card first and then mine.This time , my mom lectured me much lesser.Strange or maybe she is saving up for later ? I failed my Chemistry !!!! I knew it , I knew that I was going to fail this subject.I done so poorly in it , of course I would fail.No excuses for this , just that I did not study hard enough.Next time , I will try again and do better .If I can ...

Ops my pencil is broken , Report Card !


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