Saturday, June 26, 2010

Traffic Lights GO BOOM ? / Ghosts !

"Red Blue AND Green"

25 June Friday - Boom Boom Pow

Hey guys , this is a late post , kinda 29 minutes late but by the time I finished this post it might be later than before so oh well.I found something interesting about traffic lights , it is quite shocking to me really.Traffic Lights were invented long before cars were even been invented ! I bet a lot of people think that traffic lights were invented right after the cars were invented.I personally thought that traffic lights were invented after cars were invented.

Traffic lights in the modern age are used as signal beacons for cars to know when to start , stop and get ready.Red informs you to stop while Green informs you to start your engines ! Yellow in the other hand informs you to get ready to stop.It appears a few seconds before red appears.Traffic lights are now widely used all around the world , the rate of traffic deaths would increase if these saviors aren't here to guide us.When all else fails , the traffic officer would come to the scene to temporarily replace the traffic light.

The first traffic light was invented by John Peake Knight.The first traffic light was installed in front of the British  House of Parliament in 1868.It was used to regulate horses or other cavalries.He modeled the semaphore system used in British railway tracks , with an arm to go up and down to indicate whether to stop or not.At night when it was all darkness and no light , green or red gas lamp was used.

So , policemen were stationed around all traffic lights in order to turn on the colored gas lamps.Once , one of the gas lamps exploded and heavily injured a policeman.This caused the project to stop and never be used for another whole 40 YEARS.Right after electricity and cars were invented , traffic lights were improved and remodeled.Now they are our guardians of the road , drive safely guys !!!


I am gonna ask you a question guys , are ghosts real ? Well some may say real and some may say unreal.Most people would think ghosts are dead human spirit walking and wandering as the dead , but ghosts are really demons rather than ghosts.The fact that human dies and becomes a ghosts to haunt the living is highly unacceptable.I rather like the fact that ghosts are manifestations of devils to deceive humans into thinking they are dead humans.Who is free enough to die and become a ghost just to haunt the living ? Maybe your goldfish , just maybe.

In the Christian Bible , one of the revelations clearly stated that humans won't be on this Earth after they are dead.They would be either gone to heaven or hell according to their sins and religions.The books also told us not to use instruments to communicate with ghosts , this is because they don't want you to communicate with demons.Well , this useless two paragraphs is to prove that ghosts are demons rather than dead humans.

But ZOMBIES are dead humans XD

Ops my pencil is broken , Traffic lights go BOOM


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