Monday, June 21, 2010

A New Comeback

"Yeah !"

21 June Monday - I like it when things go boom or whatever

Well today is the opening day of the school after the June Holidays , I always call it the Middle Holidays because it is usually during the middle of the year but never mind because thats just me.It went well to my surprise , usually my open school days were not that nice.Usually because our teachers got angry due to lack of homework passing up to the teachers.But since we don't really have that much homework this holiday , I guess it went well.But the teachers were quite quiet today.

Alot of exam papers got handed out to us today , I can say that I done normally in this exam just like I always do except for form 2.I did not get extraordinary marks and I did not get really terrible marks , but my Chemistry got very low.I actually done well in my BM , I can't believe it.The parts where they asked about the BM grammars were hard , I done badly at that part but my karangan saved my life from the jeopardy of failing BM.Oh , thank god.

Today , the whole school was filled with insects flying around all over the place.Little green bugs landed on my body a few times , I don't know what kind of bugs are they because I am not really a bug guy.I don't hate insects , I just don't have the interest of studying further about them.Theres an interesting quote said by some guy I forgot , he or she said "If all the insects of the world vanished , Earth could not survive.If all the humans of the world vanished , Earth could survive ahead and even better".We humans always insult the insect kingdom on how disgusting they are but we are actually the disgusting since Mother Earth don't really need us at all.A scientist once said that humans are an accidental on this Earth , we are a mistake of diverse genes or something something.I can't speak science language well haha.

Well , its been a long day.I find myself easily getting tired this few days , maybe it is the lack of sleep I am getting ? Oh well , I am sure it will be solved pretty soon enough.

Ops my pencil is broken , farewell.


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