Saturday, May 1, 2010

Labour Day 2010

"Labour Day"

May 1 Saturday - No working and No Labouring

We all know May 1 is Labour day , that means no working and no labouring for the whole day.After all those hard days of working , everyone deserves a break once in a while and thats when Labour Day takes its step.But for most workers nowadays , they don't really care about Labour Day.They just keep on working regardless of having such a special holiday.So what do you guys did this year's Labour Day ? Work your ass off or sleep your ass off ?

My Labour Day was a fun Labour Day , been to a carnival and a party.Early in the morning , Ron came to my house because we were planning on going to the Metro Carnival much more earlier to gain better advantage.Shawn arrived at my house by 8.30pm to fetch us to the carnival , Ron , me ,and my bro went down.

The carnival was held by a church nearby Batu Cave , it was meant for charity means and funding for the church.I went to the Carnival just to have fun and of course help the charity.The carnival was really fun , we met up with Abel and Samuel.Abel is Shawn's church friend , they have been friends since primary.He is very fit and he has a great singing voice.Here are some pictures ~~~

The clear crowd view of people enjoying the carnival.The Dunk Game is at the back.

A few games

A balcony view of the 1st floor of the Metro Church , this is the Bazaar part of the carnival where people could shop for souveneirs , books , flowers etc.

Abel , Ron , Alvin and Samuel

A clown entertaining some folks.

Another snapshot of the clown.

A Mini Grand Pix sort of game available during the carnival.

Don't really know whats this is , sort of like a prize offer.

The main attraction of the carnival , Sumo Fights.Me and Abel played this and we fought each other inside these sweaty suits.I lost but we came out the same - Sweaty and Smelly but we had fun.

Ron depicting a peace handsign.

A fish game.

End of the Rainbow was temporary closed due to the broken jar.

Runaway Marbles.

Another Runaway Marble games.

The vent of the vacant part of the carnival , I wonder whats inside this thing.

Coconut Game , the goal was to hit down any coconut on top of those stands.

Abel playing Crazy Wires.

The carnival was really fun , a great experience indeed.The food over there had different variety . the games there were fun and simple at the same time.The only bad side was that the temperature there was really hot and it was really noisy which is common for this kind of function.It is just that I don't like loud music while I am trying to think , making me hard to make careful decisions or even replying a friend.I drank alot of Iced Lemon Tea in the carnival , even though it was kinda tasteless but it was refreshing.The Honey Dew smoothie did served me alot of thirst quenching urge.

I met Erin and her Shaveena over at the carnival , they were also enjoying the carnival for a while and then headed for Wangsa Walk not too long later.

Ops my pencil is broken , I hope you guys enjoy the post as I do.

"One man's underwear is another man's army"

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