Friday, May 21, 2010

Nappy Poo

"Power Nap"

21 May Friday - My Daily Update is back !!!

My exam alert is on a all time low right now , so my daily updates are back.All those days without even updating my blog sickens me , it sends guilt down my spine , brrr.Now that , the only challenging subject next is Add Maths.I am gonna start my daily update again , HELLO BLOGGITY.

So you guys are wondering why am I blogging about Naps.Well today I did a little experiment.While I was surfing the web a little while chewing off my pork bits (I gotta stop doing this) , I stumbled upon a little web that talks about the benefits of having a power nap everyday.I found the article on the web to be fascinating so I sticked around and read the article.After knowing that napping could have that much benefits on my life , I immediately went and closed my lights , jumped on bed and started to fell asleep not too soon because I was tired.

When I woke up , I was so cranky for like 10 minutes.I think I slept approximately 1 and a half hour.I was cranky like an old man on Labour Day at first but later on , I was as energetic as any hyperactive kid out there.Usually , I don't nap.I RARELY nap during the afternoon , because I found it a waste of time and I hate my mouth to smell like old radishes after the nap.Now I think I am gonna nap everyday and become a pig.Well an energetic pig ~ Damn just 1 hour nap could give you this much energetic , sleep is so important.

Here is a revised version of the benefits taking a nap =]

1.Higher Perception
After a nap , you are bound to have better concentration and focus.You would be energetic after a nap and it improves your overcall perception.Scientist proved that taking a nap in the morning would make you feel much more sleepier while taking a nap during the afternoon improves your overall energy.Sure , you may feel groggy like me but after that , you got enough energy to take on the entire day.

2.Less Stress
Ever feel like your muscles are cramping and your head is aching like a woodpecker is pecking on your head ? Well this usually happens when you got too much stress.Students nowadays tend to take a nap more than any other people because of schoolworks , their life and etc.They have alot of stress and thus they take a nap.Taking a nap would reduce stress hormones level so take a nap when you have alot of stress.

3.Improved Memory and Learning Skills
Now this I should have listened since I was in a big studying fest.After a nap , your brain would be refreshed and you have tons of space to memorizing your lessons or your studies.Nap could protect your brain from overusing neurons.Studies shown that students with a nap responded much faster and much accurate than students without a nap.I should have done this , awww.

4.Good For The Heart
Taking a nap could actually lower the risk of heart diseases.Scientists found out that taking a nap would lower the risk of heart diseases by 37%.So do take some naps if you don't want to die by cardiac arrest.

This is the revised version for you guys because its short and people like short.If you want the full and original article , please do visit the link down below.So much benefits from a little 20 minute power nap !!! As what the Chinese Aunties during a shopping sale , "WAAH SO DAI ARH".It means "wow so worth it".You got that right it is worth it , so get to bed and take a nap now unless its evening and morning right now.


Hey guys , come over here and get yours eyes pinning on your screen.I wanna promote this little girl , she is so talented and she really wants to win a contest held by The Ellen Show in America.The Ellen Show is one of America's top talkshows.The host Ellen interviews famous people all around the world , I love it when Jackie Chan and Justin Timberlake were on the show.So watch this video ~ Note : She is only 11 or 12 years old.

The video of her appearing on Ellen is gone , I think Youtube removed it due to copyright infringements.I hate WMG.


New photos in my Picha Bloga

Article of taking a power nap

Ops my pencil is broken , I got a mountain of pencils.


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