Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Orange


22 May Saturday - Saturday School Sucks

Well , judging by the topic and the orange on my post.You will know that today I went to school , I swear they just held the exam today just to force us to come to school.The exam's subject for today is Pendidikan Jasmani , Account and Seni.But I don't have to sit for the Account and Seni test since I am a Science Stream student so I just sat for the Pendidikan Jasmani.

Today is one free day even though there was an exam , I just sat down on a chair all day long , chatting with friends and doing abit of Additional Maths.Its very rainy today , the field was drenched with water and so are the other places.During Sukan Tara , the field would be drawn with running lines.The rain washed all those lines into like powder agents and all of it gathered at specific spots in the field.Imagine the clean up later on.

Lets recap back on the week , the first day of the week was Moral exam and it was easy as pie.I still don't get this philosophy , why is pie easy ? Is it eating pie easy or baking pie easy.I find eating a pie much easier than baking pie.So much easier then baking pie , because you don't have to do those annoying things just to get a pie.Just go to a shop and order some pies , get home then munch them down.

Tuesday was hell as we took the Sejarah test , AKA History.I hope I done well in paper 2 and paper 1.The essay questions were quite easy for me as I memorized every single things about about the Agraria and Maritim era.They always counted on each other for mutual beneficial needs.Wednesday was also hell , Chemistry is my weakest subject but the essay questions were normal.I can't seem to get my head into Chemistry.Guess what , the Chemistry test was harder than Physics test.

Thursday was when three subjects joined forces together against us.Sivik , Physics and Chemistry joined forces to put us down.I call this day the "Civic Radioactive Zombie" , both science subjects almost killed me.The paper 3s are very hard , experiment this and that.I forgot the experiment for the Empirical Formula of Magnesium Oxide which made me left some questions alone.Friday , I love Biology but I hate Bio exam.

Ops my pencil is broken , my guinea pig peed on me.


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