Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bukit Tinggi ?

"I been here before"

5 May Wednesday - Lingua Franca

Hey guys , I am now serving Nuffnang Malaysia !!! So please do click the ad in the left side of the bar , you may even help me earning some income by doing that , thanks for the supports !!! I also put up a Mood Of The Day widget on the right side of my blog , it shows you my mood for the day each day.If I am sad , I would put a sad face.If I am happy , I reckon I put a smiley face haha.Just reassuring you , this blog won't be going to it's end , it will continue.

There was extra curriculum class today , I hate it so much.Anyways , just when our last period ended.Me and Shawn went to a nearby food court kind of restaurant for lunch.Is that what they are called ? They are really common all around Malaysia , especially amongst Chinese areas.They are restaurants with different stalls inside of them with different varieties of food , I call them food court restaurant or the "Mix Mix Land".If you do know their real names then please do tell me , I really need to know.

I am a scout but today's activicty was zero  , so me and some other scout pals just hanged around in our headquarters.Our scout leader made a couple of announcements.One of them was there is going to be a basketball competition in my primary school.So our scout master is searching for 20 people to participate the marching during the opening ceremony of the basketball match.I don't know if I would participate the marching as I am not very good in marching , mainly because I got heavy feet.I find myself hard to perform long marchings ever since I was young.

The second announcement made was that there is going to be a mountain bike riding soon , we are gonna bike ride to the top of Bukit Tinggi.I don't know whats Bukit Tinggi at first but after a little googling , I found out that I been to there.Remember the post showing my real face for the first effing time ? Well thats when I been to Bukit Tinggi.There were Japanese Gardens and a town looking the same like those those towns you will find in countries like Europe , I think it is called "Little Europe".

They told us to supply our own bikes and there will be no bike renting near the area , what a bummer I said to myself.The last time I rode a bike was when I was 10 , not Ben 10.I am not the little kid who has a alien watch that could turn to different aliens to kick bad guy's butt.My bike is currently ... errr....OUT OF ORDER.Broken wheels and broken paddles , ouch huh ? It started out like this ~

Note : This is not a picture of me , its a picture of some random dude riding a small bike :D

Note : This is not me standing there while my bike completely dismantled :D

Yeah it kinda looks like that since all of it's parts are now stored in my box on top of a cupboard.But I don't need bikes just to reach the top of the mountain !!! I could just run up or climb up !!! I could even get some Green Lantern's ring and fly up there in a second.Okay , I am thinking too far.I can't imagine that I would either run , walk , climb and fly up there ~ Oh well , I am just gonna stay at home while watching reality TV shows with no sense at all.

Ops my pencil is broken , Petrosains TOMORROW WOOT.

I like Pie

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