Sunday, May 30, 2010

Physic's Teacher Wedding


May 30 Sunday - I like this photo

Hey guys , whats up.Yesterday I went to my physic's teacher wedding in Sri Langkawi , I think it is a DBKL housing area , well thats what my friends told me.The ceremony was held during the morning , a hot one in fact.Shawn and Yap came to my house at 11am , we started to go to the ceremony by 12pm.My dad fetched us while he went to work afterwards.We kinda got lost around the area at first but we managed to found the place by asking a local.

The place was huge , the whole party function thing was grand.Theres food , drinks , singers , bands and other stuffs going on over there.We found Jay hanging with Nazar in the dinner table , we greeted them and went prowling for food later on.I ate rice , some chips , curry chicken and cendol.I like the cendol , it was so sweet but all cendols are sweet so it don't really mattered.Just when I finished eating my lunch , the ceremony started.

Me and the other classmates were watching with our mouths open as our teacher came in with her future husband.I took some pictures of the bride and groom walking down the road with some escorts.A band was playing behind them.I even recorded half of the process , I uploaded the video yesterday.My teacher was so pretty that day , she was so different from when she was in school teaching us.Her future husband was handsome too but he kinda looked like my friend.

Alisa and the others arrived later on , we took some photos.I went around the flat to take some photos , the scenery and some other views.If taking pictures with only smiling faces looking towards you , the album would look dull.People need to see the surroundings and views of the place too.

Me and the others took photos with our teacher after that.Not too long after , the sky turned greyish and it kinda started to rain.So we rushed home by taking a taxi at the Ong Tai Kim taxi stop.A wonderful day indeedd , finally abled to watch a malay's wedding.

Photo Album

Ops my pencil is broken , Bunga Telur !!!


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