Friday, May 28, 2010

Wangsa Walk Trip

"TGV Rules , I Think"

27 May Thursday - I Am Walking In Wangsa

Thursday was one mean day , it was also the last day of exam for Chong Hwa Middle School.So lets shout the word "URA" all day long in celebration of this wonderful festive day.Now that exam is over , the only hellish thing waiting in our fronts is the exam results.I hate the feeling that I would get really low marks for all my results , Mid Year Exam is a real bitch this time , Form 3 looks nothing compare to Form 4.So to Form 3 students , be sure to study the syllabus of Form 4 during the november-december holidays.Trust me , it helps you alot in the first few chapters.

Ok , enough about the Mid Year Exam , I don't wanna end up puking all over my bedroom.Thursday , me and my gang of friends went to the Wangsa Walk Mall.Well , it is located near Carefour in Wangsa Maju.The one with the big KFC and a school nearby.Never thought I would set foot in Wangsa Walk Mall this soon after my last trip to there with my family.The last time I went there , the place was kinda empty.But this time , the place improved with alot of shops opening right now.Theres even a gym , karaoke gig , bowling ring and a cinema.I think the best attractions are the bowling ring , karaoke and the TGV cinema.

AKL was there that along with Hsin Jie , Jimmy , Jia Cheng , Jay Ming , Ron , HX , Rui Zhen and me.I took a taxi near my house and went to Jimmy's place first because he wanted to have a companion in his trip.My dad can't made it in time so he told me to use the taxi.I love and dislike using taxi , maybe because of those spooky stories about taxi cabs taking people away to who knows land and do who knows what.Nicholas , this is not Narnia.No public transport could take you away to LALA land.

We watched Nightmare On Elm Street first , that movie kinda sucks.The story was predictable and the scary scenes were obvious.It had it scary moments but it really depends on who watching the movie.I got spooked when the guy in the diner got killed by Freddy Krueger by stabbing the guy's neck and some others.The sound effects were nice , the sound of Freedy scratching the metal walls is ear dropping.Visual effects suck , I thought American Films could do better than this crappy visual effects.The script was kind bad and the story kinda damp.I mean , who would stab an injection on the lap !!! The only character I love was Nancy.Her performance was the best in my opinion.I give this movie a 3/10 , 3 for the scary killings.

Ron kept on complaining and flinching during the movie , everyone complained of his voice.

After the spookfest , we went to the The Wok Kitchen ( I don't understand why they named it that lol ).We took a little dinner and the food was delicious.I kept on taking pictures with my camera , I know I am a camera geek.During dinner , a little surprise came to us.Sherilyn Jun suddenly popped out of nowhere and greeted us.It seems she was going for a movie too that day.Who Knew ?

Later on , we went back to the cinema to watch Ip Man 2.I watched the movie before but never mind haha.Now , Ip Man 2 is so much better than Nightmare On Elm Street.The way the story plots was kinda regular compare to first one.But the action was definitely engrossing as the first one.When Ip Man was fighting the different Chinese Martial Arts masters , the scene was awesome.The theme of Western Boxing versues Chinese Yong Chun was one of my long awaited theme.Western Boxing specializes in punches which would deliver a devastating blow to a target.Yong Chun specializes in short range combat and to immobolize the enemy.I give 8 out of 10 stars.

We went to a cafe drinking later after the movie.

PHOTO ALBUM OF THE TRIP!/album.php?aid=21971&id=1784140936&ref=mf

Ops my pencil is broken , VLOG TOMORROW.


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