Friday, April 30, 2010

How To Be Happy XD

"Sunny Side Up"

30 April Friday - =D

Hey there !!! We all know that we are living right now right ? Well , unless your a undead zombie risen from the dead just to update your Facebook status.I seen them !!! haha.So here are some professional advice on how to be happy everyday !!! ( I am not really a professional =P )

1.Be More Tolerance
- Don't be a "Xiao Qi Gui" , be more open minded.Dont be easily gotten mad , the more mad you get , the more unhappy you will get.Friends would like you more too if you are more tolerance.When you heard something bad coming into your mind , take a deep breath and close your eyes.Don't let anger take over you =D.

-The more carefree you are , the more happier you are.Smiliar to the more stupid you are , the more happier you are.Because you don't care any bad controversies around you.2012 ? Nah , I love it haha xD.

3.Jokes , JOKES AND JOKES !!!!
-Understand jokes !!! The more you understand them , the more you will laugh about them.

4.Always laugh !!
-Under any circumstances , you gotta laugh.At least a little giggle , a little laughter goes a long way !!!

5.Be Healthy
-A good diet means a good healthy lifestyle , a good healthy lifestyle means a happy life without diseases and any other illnesses.

Ops my pencil is broken !!!!


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