Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Exam's Over


25 May Tuesday - Hey exam is over so lets relax for a while yeah ?

The word exam is temporaly out of my mind , I kicked it out for awhile and let it in again after a few months , maybe.Well today's last test was Physics paper 3 , kinda easy.Ops , I can't say easy because I usually get bad results after I said "Its Easy" !!! So I am forbidden to speak the word "Easy" unless I am playing a video game or some other stuffs.I don't know what I am gonna do after the exams really , maybe I am just gonna slack around and then study because I must be prepared for the next exam.

I was about to update my blog when I got home but my dad suddenly told me that theres some relatives from Sabah came to Kuala Lumpur.It was their last day in Kuala Lumpur and they wanted to meet us before they fly away and back to beach land.I agreed with him and off we go.I love long trips , mainly because I like long highways.Long trips always have long highways waiting for me , unless theres a traffic jam.Then , I don't like long trips.

Traffic jams were everywhere that day , I just the fact that fast cars go slow.The road is near the political and business areas , I guess that explains the fact why it was so crowded.I just wish cars could fly one day , so nobody would need to know the fact that we would got stucked in a traffic jam if the road is too jammy.But if flying cars meet accidents then its OH NO.It is gonna be mayday all over again in the homefront.Maybe better road systems would help , or maybe lesser private transports and more public transports.

We reached Mid Valley by 4pm , we went to the fancy chinese restaurant in Mid Valley's Hotel.I forgot the name for it but me and my friends went there during JC's birthday bash , I still remember the day.From what I heard , the relatives I met are rich.One of the sons is a lawyer and kinda successful.Anyways , I was sitting down facing my Gu Ma.She kept asking me questions about my educations and life.She kept on praising me on how charismatic I am , I was denying her praise every second in my heart lol.

I met a new family member I never met before , she is my Gu Ma's daughter.I call her Jie Jie just to avoid complications.She is currenly a university student , my Gu Dad kept telling me that studying in university is much more easier than in secondary.Somehow , I don't agree.The projects and the thick books , I don't think it is easy.Any university students reading my blog , please do tell me k ? Thx xD

After that little meeting , me and my dad went to the pet store above.My mom stayed with the relatives and chatted.My dad gave me like RM200 for buying stuffs for the Guinea Pig , I went in and I found a big cage.I saw this little white colour Guinea Pig too.I bought them both and brought it back to my relatives to let them see the little fella.

Ops my pencil is broken , photos of the new guinea pig tomorrow :D


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