Monday, May 3, 2010

JC's Open House

"Light Illuminating"

2 May Saturday - I am such a bad photographer.

The very same day of the carnival , me and my other friends attended JC's Open House party.I went home after the carnival just to freshen myself up and get some good rest.Recharging my handphone and camera battery power was essential too.After a few hours of good rest , I packed my things and went to her house.

Just when I arrived at her beautiful and well renovated house , Jimmy and Jia Cheng were resting in their room when I arrived at the room.They just back from Wangsa Walk Mall and watched Iron Man 2 , they told me that the seats there were really comfortable and widish.I wanna go there and watch Ip Man 2 and not Ipron Man 2 or 4 ... what comes after 4 ?

Btw...I am in love with the computer in her room , the quality of the computer is magnificent !!!

Look at all those soft toys , I wish I have them all.

Neat decorations.

God , I need that pooh haha.

Spinning fan ~


Jimmy playing DOTA on that computer I talked about , he was using GG to play online with other players in Malaysia.

A picture of HJ and Jay Families.

Hsin Jie , Kim Hoong and Jay

A group picture , I was the one taking pictures.

A corridor styled view

Hsin Jie looking pretty as ever

Jay looking cool and Kim Hoong looking goofy ? haha

Jay's awesome brother

Ron and the puppet teddy bear beside him ~

Qian holding her present ~

Jimmy smiling haha xD

I never took a picture of Han Xien because he did not want his picture to be taken , Jun wasn't able to attend JC's party since she was celebrating her mom's birthday , if you are reading this Jun , please do send my regards to your mom.Rui Zhen wasn't able to attend the party too because she was busying at the Metro Carnival.I never know that Kelvin Gaw attended the party , HX told me that he is JC's childhood friend.I had no clue they were childhood friends , they rarely together during school hours.He did not hangout with us during that party , he was at downstairs I guess.

I am such a bad photographer , many pictures were blur , I hope to improve my photography skills soon enough.

Ops my pencil is broken , reading older posts of my blogs I know of.

"One by one , fall by fall"

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