Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Youtube

"Happy Birthday Youtube"

17 May Monday - Wonder why they called it Youtube ?

We all know Youtube is the best video sharing and viewing site of all time.If you think otherwise , try and find a better website and tell me on my blog.Seriously , I seen almost any other video sharing websites and most of them can't even get face to face against Youtube.Face it , it is the best of all video sharing websites.So what is Youtube ? A fast growing popular video sharing and viewing site.What day is today ? Well today is it's birthday !!!

Let me give you a little backstory and history about Youtube.Youtube was founded by Chad Hurley , Steve Chen and Jawed Karim , they were students of computer science and they once worked for PayPal.The goal of making such a website was because they found it hard to post a video they shot at Chen's apartment , so they were trying to make a good video sharing site.Don't know if this story is true haha , I can't really trust all these websites.

Youtube started to show itself at February 14 2005 , I don't know why Youtube celebrate it's birthday now rather than February 14 2005.Youtube started to have more and more people coming in and share their videos just to let others to view them.The community of Youtube got bigger and bigger , the videos as well got more and more.There are a few famous videos that got above 100 million views on Youtube , these videos became one of youtube's strongest allies.Not long later , Google Inc bought Youtube.Youtube now also gives money to people who partners with them , in showing their gratitude towards their users.

I found youtube when I was standard 6 , that was 2006.I was walking around the shopping center with my mom and I stumbled to this bookstore.I wandered around and found some PC books , I took them up and read them.As I scan through the books , I found a advertisement of Youtube.At first , I thought it was a website filled of porn and other erotic videos.I placed the books back and went out to find my mommy.

Two months later , my friend came my house and he spoken about a website.I was like thinking to myself , "What are you trying to get me into ?".He pulled me into my room and opened my computer.He opened the web browser and typed the website's domain on the bar above the window.It was Youtube , as soon as I found out , I scolded my friend for bringing me into a porn site.My friend calmed me down and told me that it is not a porn site.As soon as I surf through the website , watching funny and disgusting videos.I finally found a little oasis in the middle of the dessert.This is how I found Youtube my friends.

Here are some popular videos on Youtube and also some of my favs.

This is a video named "Guitar" uploaded by a guy named "guitar90".Everyone was shocked by this youngster who made a rock version of Pachelbel's Canon on an electric guitar.He was later known as Jeong Hyun Lim in Korea.He later became famous and appeared on television all around the world.A truly magnificent video , this is not fake !!!

This video got over 180million views !!! I don't know if it is hacked or not but it is still a good video to watch and laugh.A little baby biting a little boy's finger , Charlie Bit My Finger !!!

This is a video definitely worth watching.This video was uploaded by "judsonlaipply" and the video's name is "The Evolution Of Dance - By Judson Laipply".It shows the evolution of dance over the past few decades.This video gotten over 140million views !!!

This next video started a pranking trend in Youtube.Users would upload a video and name it example , "Best Dance EVAR!!!".Then instead of putting a video of a best dance , they would upload a video of a guy singing and dancing.If you got pranked , that means you are Rick Roll'd !!! Even the video is abit creepy and weird , this guy sings real well and a good performer.

Okay enough with the monstrous videos !!! Here are some videos from some of best Youtubers RIGHT NOW !!!

This video named "Ghetto Prom (From) Hell" by ShaneDawsonTV is one of this Super Youtuber's video.Shane Dawson is a producer , actor and director of his channel on Youtube.Subscribe to him for more new and hilarious videos !!! Trust me after this , you will want more.

This next guy is named Ray William Johnson.He is a comedian and a critic of viral videos all around world.He reviews viral videos and makes hilarious jokes !!! Careful , viewer's discretion is advised.His videos may be offensive to people who can't take a joke , so becareful.

This next guy is NigaHiga , a Japanese-American making comedy videos and funny parodies of movies.His asian comedy style never fails to please the audience , having the most subscribers on Youtube does means something to all of you.

The best vlogger on Youtube in my Opinion , this guy's username is CTFxC and he is a vlogger on Youtube.His videos with his girlfriend are so funny and heartwarming , just really love to watch their journey.Here is a video of him proposing to his girlfriend !!! Its a touching video soWATCH.

Here are the best of the best , do remember to suscribe after watching their videos !!!

Ops my pencil is broken , my tribute ends here and now I am gonna read Sejarah.


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