Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Break From The War

"School Compound"

15 May Saturday - Arrh Exams

Finally a break from the battle me and my other pals are fighting right now , the mid year exam is tougher than it looks so to all my buddies reading my blog right now , be careful of that mid year exam because it is tougher than it looks.Form 4 is so much harder than Form 3 , just wish I could be in the kick back years but we always can't get what we want just by hoping and wishing right ? So guys , let us first recap on the past few days.


This was the day when I was taking my English Exam , the English exam was easy.But my Paper 1 section B may have some problems because I was rushing my paper back then.Too little time for a big essay , I wasted too much time on section A.I should have just finish my section B first and then go take on section A.But now it is too late and I can't give a regret out of it simply because whats done is done.

Went I got home from school , I revised back all my Math syallabus since I will be taking the math exam the next day.You know the usuals , me getting my butt kicked by the anatomies of math.


I usually love Thursday but not this Thursday , I done some silly mistakes in my math papers.Don't you guys love it when you are doing your Math exam paper just fine and oh my god a mistake came out after the test results are back.The only things that could kill you in Math are the failure of understanding the concept of a certain formula and making mistakes !!!!


I took my Physics exam that day , it was hard as hell.Paper 1 was easier than paper 2 , paper 2 was like a explaination montage.Ordering us to give an explaination on that or about the characteristics of a certain car or something.All must be written in physics concept so simple explaination won't help I guess.If I manage to pass my Physics , I would be grateful !!!


Gotong Royong Day !!!! Heres the link to my photo album , sorry I need to go nap now.Eye lids are closing and I need a nap to regain my energy , sorry for such a lame post =(!/album.php?aid=21200&id=1784140936


Ops my pencil is broken , Yawn


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