Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sunday Roar #3 (Fill)

"Cat Roar"

23 May Sunday - MEOWRAWR

Hey guys its another Sunday Roar , I missed the last Sunday Roar because of Mother's Day Special Post.This week is a tough week , the whole week has been tough and tiring.The main reason was because that it was exam week and I gotta study so it has been tiring.Been a real fun week too you know , been to a mall this weekend and bought a new phone headset since the old one is broken.But in any ways , it is a tough and tiring weekend.


Heres a little funny paragraph for you guys , my bro made this up.

Sex is a temptation caused by sensation from a guy's determination to stick it's location into girl's destination in order to populate the next generation.Do you understand my explaination or do you need a demonstration.

Wow , I am a pervert -_-


We all know that the FIFA world cup is coming and everyone is gonna be watching it well maybe not everyone but still everybody would sure regconzie World Cup.I mean who doesn't ? I don't watch World Cup , I only watch it during the few final matches.This year , I am rooting for Spain since they have excellent players in their World Cup team.Go Spain go !!! Show them your moves in South Africa !!

Heres the song for the World Cup by Akon and Keri Hilson ~ Oh Africa

Akon's origin is Africa and he has a really long name !!! I don't remember what it is though , it is very hard to memorize since it is long.He spoke about his name during The Ellen Show once and he spoke it just fine with those long and hard pronounciations.Akon is his middle name.


"Imma lick you and stop you boy !!!"

"Don't move please..."

Ops my pencil is broken , Filling in he days.


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