Friday, May 7, 2010

Picha Bloga

"A Lazy Rubik's Cube"

7 May Friday - All White around.

I got bad news again , I fell down again this afternoon when I was walking home from school.I saw my friend in the distance so I ran to catch up with him.But unfortunately , I lost my footing and I fell.I lost my footing during a strafe and a short distance jump.Me and my brother practiced a little bit of parkour during when we were much younger.We always jumped from one ledge to another , balancing , squeeze through tiny places and many others.Now , I won't even practice parkour once.

I remember when I was living in my old flat during when I was 7 years old , the flat had many holes and ledges for us to play.When we were bored , we used to go out of our house and play around the neighbourhood with my indian friend.I forgot his name but he was my best friend back then , he was the only child in my neighbourhood.I remember me and him got busted for pranking an old man who was really cranky.We ended got beated by our moms as punishment.His mom always welcomed me into her home with great hospitality , his mom would cook delicious spicy dishes for me to eat.

Okay today I made a little blog for random photos I take with my camera , heres the link to the blog.

Guys , Mother's Day is coming so are you guys ready ? Thought of a gift for your mommy dearest ? Or you don't even know Mother's Day is coming soon ? Its on May 9 means by this Sunday.So put down your books , guns , papers or whatever and start buying a present for your mom.I think the best present for your mom is by doing her chores for the whole week , then you should book spa treatments for her so she could relax her heart out.But if you are busy , here is a website for you to buy a present for your Mother.

Ops my pencil is broken , Mommy Dearest ^^


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