Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mobile Bookstores In India

"Not this"

4 May Tuesday - Beautiful India

Whats up guys , I am sick today so I am just gonna post this little post before I go to sleep later.India is truly a beautiful country but the sick hands of poverty is still holding the country like you holding something precious in your hands.Diseases are everywhere and most people live off their lives as poor folks , living in dingy small rooms.Heres a true story of a boy name Wahid that I found from a video.

Wahid is a child living in India with his family , he came from a village in the rural areas of India.He is currently studying as a primary student.But he also works as a bookseller in the busy streets of Mumbai.Mumbai is a the most populous city in India and the second most populous city in the world , it is also India's richest city.Despite the city's glory , beggars and poor people could be seen in the streets of the bustling city anytime you walk down the streets or alleys.

Wahid doesn't sell his books by sitting in a shop while his books on his tables.He and his another friends , all of them are children , sell books by waiting around a traffic light section of a busy road.Once the traffic light reaches the stop signal , Wahid and his pals would walk over to cars to sell their books.Sometimes they managed to sell two or one , most of the times none.Each book costs about 100-200 Rupees , about 1 or 2 USD dollars.In the video , he stated that his dad works as a barber and only manages to bring back about 40-60 Rupees each day.All their money were spent on foods and necceseties.

He told the interviewer about his accident once with a car , he got hit by one once when he was selling his books.He was treated with medication later but after 2 days , he went back to sell books as he doesn't want to waste time.The driver who hit him ran away , leaving no trace of guilt or helpfulness.He talked about books about Obama , on how the president of the United States wants to change the world.His dream is to become a doctor , he studies hard in school and hoping to be a doctor.He wants to change and save India from sickness and illness.

In the video , he shows his little room he called home.His home was nothing but just a few furnitures and a broken TV filled with static.He sleeps on the bench while the rest of his family members sleep on the floor.He uses most of his money on school fees and food , he doesn't want the extra stuffs.He misses his village , he talked about the wonderful experiences he had in his village.He used to climb up trees and pluck mangoes , later eat them.He doesn't like the city much , he loves the village.

Seeing this video makes me think of what I have.In the video , he told us about how he wanted to buy a computer and learn English.Most people nowadays have everything they needed , more than needed.But we still complain on how our life sucks and how we don't have the latests models of a phone.We eat 3 meals a day or sometimes more while people out there are starving for days without a proper meal.I am one of them , I am such a lucky bastard.

Wahid has a good quality inside of him , a great virtue to let him go on.His hardworking and positiveness would help him in leading his life.It is good that he is not begging for money , he is working for money.I hope he doesn't goes into the wrong way in life.Dealing drugs , crimes , stealing and etc.We gotta do whatever we can to support these children getting out of their poverty.I wish I am a billionaire , I could give money to all the poor folks everywhere around the world.

"Being poor is fine , being unmoral is unfine"

Heres the link to the video ---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJYD2U1gjnM
I can't embed the video here , I am restricted to do so lol.

Ops my pencil is broken , Bye.

"I study and sell books" - Wahid

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