Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Keep Your Heads Down (Fill)

"Heads Down"
24 May Monday - Arrh Add Math Bomber Planes !!!

Arrh , Add Maths is school's bomber planes.They are specialized in accessing into your base and then destroy us with their precision and hell fire bombs.Never one student has ever gotten out of this bombing without leaving a scratch unless he or she is a pure mathematical genius , that way they will have Anti-Bomber Plane Guns destroying all those bomber planes with their tactical turrets.I wish I got one of those , killing a mosquito won't be hard anymore.

You know what ? The government should really make like a Sentry Gun , if you don't know whats a sentry gun then I would upload a picture down below.A sentry gun is a tactical defense machine gun that a soldier in the field could emplace it on whenever they want and the gun could automatically shoot down enemy targets by using laser signatures.The government could modify the sentry gun into sensing mosquitoes and it would shoot down any mosquitoes it detected in the area.Instead of using normal caliber rounds because it would hurt unwanted errors on people , it will use small lasers that have the power to burn down mosquitoes in a flash.

Nah , needs alot of money and time to work this out.Bad idea :D but hey , its a theory.Heres the link to the Sentry Gun picture.

It does look like a P90 on a stand.


The reason why I said Add Maths are bomber planes of the school is because they done alot of damages recently to us.Especially our minds !!! during the exam.Yes , math does improve one's memory and thinking skills.I need more work on my Add Maths , I don't feel confident at all honestly.Teacher told the class that getting below 10 is normal , I did not get a below 10 and I still feel bad.Oh well , you know what they said.

"If you can't beat them , join them"

Wait no...

"Live and fight another day"

Yaaa !!! This :D

Ops my pencil is broken , damn Mid Year Exams harder than I expected.


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