Sunday, May 9, 2010

Normal Mother's Day

"Mother's Day"

9 May Sunday - Happy Mother's Day guys.

Whats up guys , usually I would write Sunday Roar today but since today is a special occasion , I won't be writing it.Instead , I would write about Mother's Day.Mother's Day as we all know is a day when we celebrate and appreciate all the moms all around the world.The hardship they been through to take care and feed their families.They sacrificed alot just to take care of us .

We argued and fought with our mothers before , no one could deny that they didn't done such a thing.We challenged their authority and we rebeled against their orders.But during Mother's Day , we should all put down everything we been through and celebrate.Your mother no matter what is still your mother.No matter how corrupted is she , no matter what she done to you , you can't change facts.She is still your beloved mother , nothing is stronger than a mother's love.Unless you think otherwise haha.

I remember once I was ordered by my mom to clean the clothes using a washing machine.We usually would pour cleaning agents into the washing machine just to enhance cleanliness.We use Dynamo in my household , a widely known brand in Malaysia.But instead of using Dynamo , I used Fabulouso.Fabulouso is a cleaning agent for floors , you can imagine what happened to the clothers after that.After my mom found out , I got quite a lecture.


Mother's Day this year for me is kinda bland , we didn't go out anywhere but just bought a cake from a nearby bakery.We sang songs and watched movies together , finally we ate the cake.I forgot to take pictures but luckily my slice of cake was still intact and I managed to take a photo of it.The cake is sweet and spongy , really nice.

So how do you guys celebrate Mother's Day ? Tell me please ~

The best way of celebrating Mother's Day is by taking out an empty jar and pieces of papers.Write about the memories when you and your mother spent time together on those pieces of papers.Wrap those papers up and place them all into the jar.Give the jar to your mother as a gift.Then , sit on the couch with her while slowly unwrapping every single one of those papers.Read it with her while laughing about the good old times.Unfortunately , I don't have that much memories yet.After a few years , I could do this.

Ops my pencil is broken , HAPPY MOTHERS DAY

"Nothing is stronger than a mother's love"

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