Monday, May 10, 2010

"Aww" Man

"Why ?"

10 May Monday - Exam , Folio and Sick

Guys , I won't be active on the internet for a long time because of my mid year exam starting tomorrow.The duration of the exam is like 2 and a half weeks , imagine the tension me and my classmates are having.I am sure that everyone is banging their heads into their Komsas books right now , make sure their heads are getting every single word of the book.Honestly , I am not too good in BM.Especially the Komsas part , I always seem to get the lowest marks in that part.I have a real weak BM side , because I seldom speak the language even though I live in Malaysia.

To guys who take their time to read my blog even though there is an exam coming up , thank you.Thank you so much to even take a little bit of your time out of your busy schedule just to visit my bloggie.I love you guys , just love you guys.All the best in the coming exam and to those who don't have a exam coming up , then have a great life ahead of you.

Today I finished my folio for Sivik , I almost forgot about that project that I am suppose to pass it up by tomorrow.I spent 6 hours on it and it is officially finished.I kinda like it I think , because I only use colourful marker pens to finish it , it looks real simple and childish haha.I guess thats what you get for finishing up your folio in the last minute.Last minute completion sucks but its fun to challenge yourself to complete the project or work at the last minute.

I am sick today , I was supposed to go to school today to get my English Poem Prize but I had a high fever last night during 3am.I woke up in cold sweat and I got a major sore throat.My legs were wobbling and I went out to grab medications.Right now , I only have a flu and sore throat.I just hope its not H1N1.Don't get me wrong , I like to stay in the hospital as a patient.The service and the food , its like you are the king in there.I just don't like staying in there dying hehe , that wasn't funny ? Ok never mind.

Ops my pencil is broken , please let these weeks pass by fast !!!


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