Thursday, May 6, 2010

Petrosains Class Field Trip


6 May Thursday - Petrosains field trip today ~

This beautifiul morning , I packed my things up and done , I went out the door of my house with a huff and a puff.I was really excited because I was gonna go for a field trip to Petrosains in KLCC.My mom fetched me and left me at the Putra Terminal , it was the rendevouz point of the trip.When I got there , Ron told me about a cute little kitten wandering around the station.We found it and it was so cute haha , it was finding it's mom.Rachel and me recorded like a 1 minute video of the little kitten chasing me and Ron.

After everyone arrived , we went to buy tickets and we boarded the train to KLCC.I took some photos on the terminal station so please do check them out , the link to the photo album on Facebook will be located at the bottom of this post.

When we arrived at KLCC , we went up to the Petrosains Facility in a hurry but it was closed.There was a TV attached on the wall with a heat sensor camera on top of it , I think it was a heat sensor camera.The special thing is that the TV was somewhat magical.The camera gives you see what it sees , then broadcast it on the TV.The screen of the TV has multiple red coloured parts.If you move and touch the red coloured parts , a tune would come out.All of us were fooling around with that "magic' haha.Sorry if I can't explain the device and it's magical powers that well lol.

Our teachers told us to go and eat breakfast and be back to Petrosains by 9.00am.Me and my gang went to the foodcourt and ate MCDonald Breakfast , I love MCDonalds , I guess that explained my weight and size.I just love the Hash Brown , so crunchy and so tasty.I am addicted !!!

After eating breakfast , we went back to Petrosains.We took alot of pictures as usual , my class students kept on calling me to take their pictures. You could check out those photos in my photo album on Facebook , the link is at the bottom of this post.We lined up and went through quiet corridors of Petrosains.We were so excited to tour around the magnificent world of Petrosains but guess what ? They took us into some fancy workshop lol.I guess that is actually the program we paid for and not the tour of Petrosains.

The first program was called "Clowning Around" , the instructor told us to move like Brownian movements.My vlog would include this little activity , I would be uploading the video as soon as possible.Then she told us to sit down and taught us the principals of stability.It was really useless to us , since we learnt Stability last year and it was a really easy chapter.But the fun part was that she told us to make a unfallable clown made out of ping pong balls and other assortments.My clown looks like Winnie The Pooh or those China Kungfu guys.Photos of all the clowns of my class would be in my photo album , the link is in the bottom of this post.

The second program is about Math.The instructor told us to seperate into different groups and gave us different questions for us to solve.Most of us don't really like the program , it was kinda boring.But the last part of the program was useful , it is called "Playing With Numbers".The instructor told us to find someone from our class to represent us and of course we chosen Jay.The instructor taught us about some really hard to explain stuff to us , I found something similiar to the one she taught today on a web.Here is the link.

After those two programs , we thought we could go out and explore Petrosains but NO , we ended up outside Petrosains without having a chance to tour around.Awww , guess thats what we only get.After that , our gang decided to stay earlier so we called our parents.The rest of the class and the teachers went home.Me and my other peeps stayed in KLCC to have lunch at Sushi King.Damn I used RM30.70 + RM5.00 today , fly away money T_T.

HERE IS THE LINK TO MY PHOTO ALBUM < ENJOY!/album.php?aid=20731&id=1784140936

Ops my pencil is broken , Shawn and Jimmy came to my house today.


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