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8 May Saturday - Mother Knows Best

We all love our mothers , we always seem to find a way to please and care for them.Well , Mother's Day is coming and it is the perfect time to show how you appreciate and love your mother.Mothers are the one who brought us to this world and took care of us until the day they go away.Tomorrow is Mothers Day so I would like to take this chance to write a story , a tribute to all mothers out there all around the world.

Story Starts

In the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur , everyone is as busy as they get.From the rural areas of the city and to the colourful downtowns of the state , everyone has their own things to do.A man working as an accountant in the bustling city was sipping coffee in a cafe.

He heard a girl's cry nearby and looked to the direction of the source , he saw a girl and his dad.The girl was pulling her dad's hand while shouting.She was trying to convince her father to do something.His dad was quite a drunkie and he scolded while also beated the little girl.The little girl was crying , the man walked to the girl and asked why did her dad beated her.

The girl told the man that she wanted to buy a flower for her mother but his dad doesn't want to.The girl only had a few coins with her , she doesn't have enough money to buy a flower for her mother.The man gave her some money and the little girl immediately went to the flower shop.She came out of the shop not too long later and was holding a lovely rose flower.

The little girl thanked the man and hugged him in tears , the man wiped off the little girl's tears off her face with a soft handkerchief.The little girl without saying a word ran away not too long after , the man decided to follow her.

From alleys to streets , from parks to the busiest roads.The man followed the girl patiently.The girl arrived in a cemetery and the man was curious about why would a mother be at the cemetery.He watched the girl closely and saw her putting down the red rose infront of a grave.It was the grave of her mother , the girl was praying and crying over her.Telling her how much she missed her and she hope her mother would be with her.

The man was touched by her compassion towards her mother.He ran back to the flower shop and bought a bouquet of flowers.He got back home and got into his car.One of his hand was holding the bouquet of flowers while the other hand was holding a handphone.He said to the handphone ...

"Mom , I miss you , I am coming" while crying...


Written by Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee.

I hope you guys love the story as much as I do , it was really touching to me.Heres a little video for you guys.

I love you mom <3

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Ops my pencil is broken , No matter what happens between , she is always your mom.


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