Thursday, April 29, 2010

Few Pages Missing

"One by one falling"

29 April Thursday - I hate the feeling of not updating my blog.

Perhaps the bond between me and my blog is much more stronger than I ever thought , everytime I failed to update it daily , I would have that bad feeling inside my heart.Even though my blog doesn't have much viewers but I am still updating the best I could.Most of my posts these few weeks were not sastifying for me , I was always rushy and my post's contents ain't that all good.Too much things to do , too little time.

Hmm today is my favourite teacher's second last day to be in our school , tomorrow is gonna be her last.I am very sad of her depature , so soon.I don't want the old teacher to come back , she wasn't all that good in teaching us.Her way of marking our essays and her assignments were all bullshits.But she was replaced by a new practical teacher , she is really nice.We all like our new teacher and we dislike our original one.I drew a picture for her tomorrow , since it is her last day tomorrow.

I will post the picture tomorrow since I don't wanna let my friends know about it XD

Today , me and my friend Shawn kept on using Video Call on MSN and Skype.It was really fun , I was teaching him on how to crack files and configure them.Let me tell you a story on how I met Shawn.

At first , I didn't talk to him at all.I only started to met and talk to him at Form 3 , I always went to 3DK9 during recess since most of my friends were all over there.I saw him eating his breakfast while reading a book , I went over and said "Hi".Then we started to talk and then I got a new friend ~ He is a really athletic and smart guy.His strong point is Math , he is a real wizard in Add Math.He is also one of Full As PMR candidate last year.

Maybe I should write histories on how I met my friends huh ? haha

Ops my pencil is broken , I am gonna hit the hay , good night ^^


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