Monday, April 19, 2010

I Got A Guinea Pig / Poem

"Guinea Piggy Bob"

19 April Monday - I bought myself a guinea pig

Before I talk about my wonderful day today , I gotta talk about yesterday's night fight fest in order to sleep.I can't sleep yesterday , I was rushing for my poem , I finished my sketch of the poem and I wrote finish the real thing by 1am.My eyes were kept opened from 1 am to 3am , I kept on tossing and turning , I just can't seem to fall into slumberland.About 3am , my guinea pig started to make noise in his little cage.He was hungry and there was no food , he kept on beating the little bowl against the cage's wall , aww how cute haha.I gave him food and I went to bed but it was so hot yesterday so I went to my mom's room to sleep , by 4am , I managed to fall asleep but woke up at 5am lol.

"In that tired night , one hour of sleep is only available" -  Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee =.=

Surprisingly , the lack of sleep didn't affect my energy for todays's poem presentation.I was selected to enter this English Poem Competition and I won first prize !!! I was so surprised that I won !!! But the major problem right now is that my English teacher is expecting me to recide my poem this following week.Lets just hope I won't faint while I am standing infront of the entire school.I have never been so happy for years haha.Finally , a giant boost of my confidence.Heres the poem ,  hope you guys and girls like it.

Four Seasons

Oh Spring , Beautiful spring.
How I miss the giant bed of bloomed flowers ,
you painted the world with your colourful flowers.
Everywhere I go I see the birds singing ,
along with the dances of the grasses swaying.

Oh summer , hot summer.
How I miss the excruciating heat you brought down
and the heat made sweats slowly flowing down.
But I will never forget the days I swam in the pool ,
I even pulled a prank on old Mister Fool.

Oh autumn , gentle autumn.
How I miss the leaves fell made taps and cracks ,
it always reminded me of soldiers walking down tracks.
I remember my mom forcing me to rack fallen leaves ,
till now I still can hear the cracking of those leaves.

Oh winter , cold winter.
How I miss the sky turned all blue ,
you drifted with me way far away from my blues.
Those rains of snowflakes slowly falling down ,
it was like frozen angel tears drifting down.

Look at me talking about my days in seasons ,
I am still in the kitchen , figuring out my seasoning.

Written by Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee

Thanks Erin for inspiring me to write a poem about seasons !!!!

I love guinea pigs , me and my brother would look at guinea pig pictures all the time.Now I finally have one haha , I am so gonna take care of it well !!!!! His name is Bob , he is so cute x3.

Ops my pencil is broken , NEW YORK !!!


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