Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Broke Ma Knee

"Ouchy Ouch"

27 April Tuesday - Yeah !!! Oh crap I fell =X

Hey guys today is one funny day , I guess...if you count getting hurt three times as a funny day then it is a funny day haha , man I am lame.Today was Sukan Tara Day !!! I love it so much  (I hate it) ^_^ !!!

Today's Sukan Tara had the following activities
1.Heavy Metal Ball Throwing (Don't know the real name of it)
2.100 Metre Run
3.200 Metre Run

I managed to throw the heavy metal ball thingy quite far away , the ball was really heavy.Heavier than the dumbbells I used to work out with in the gym.Here comes the funny part , during the 200 Metre Run I fell.The story is kinda short really , I was getting ready to run and waiting for the teacher to say "GO".Just when my teacher shouted "GO" , I started to run but my shoe went loose and flipped to the back , eventually I fell.I broke my knee and bruised my hands , my neck got hurt too.At first it was nothing like not even abit of pain came out , but after a few hours my knee started to hurt alot.I can't even move properly.

It really really hurts right now +_+

But with the medication of the doctor I just went and some happy faces haha , I managed to heal apart of my injuries.My knee and neck still hurts though.He applied the medicine on my knee wound , it hurts so BADLY.Oh well ~_~

Hahahahahaha , I am laughing because laughter is the best medicine hahahaha.

Ops my pencil is broken , hahahaha I am a retard -_-


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