Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yeah SHort !!!

"Fly Away"

24 April Saturday - Bald Eagle you are not bald

This is going to be a short post , writing my story right now ~

The 10 beautiful soundtrack is over there <<<<<< As promise haha

Let me tell you a little story , a cute one ... I think =P

Once upon a time there was a mouse

He went to a bakery store , he asked the baker for a treat

The baker suggested him sugar mouse for a treat

The mouse asked why is it made of sugar ?

The baker told a story about why it is made of sugar

Long time time ago in a distant land

It was all rich and glamour in that land

Lives a beautiful princess

With no suitors for the princess

As all princes were wrong

their presents were wrong

But one day , comes along a man

A sugar mouse treat was with the man

The man gave the princess the sugar mouse

The princess agreed to the sugar mouse

She did not want any gold

She just wanted a heart of gold

They got married

a very happy marriage ~

Love is sweet and so is sugar !!!

Short SHORT !!!

Ops my pencil is broken , squek ?


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