Monday, April 26, 2010

Television Madness

"Wheres the remote control ?"

26 April Monday - Monkeys love Mondays

Guys whats up !!! Today was one tiring day , let me just get you started with this.Today my friend was feeling unwell so he went back earlier than before , he didn't talk to me or any other person for the whole time he was in class.I was suspecting if he was either unwell or angry at something , looks like he was feeling unwell.I won't mention his name here as he doesn't like publicity much.Take care my good mate and to you too Ron , lately alot of my friends have been contracted sickness.

This morning , our last year's Form 5 best student arrived in our school just to present us a short speech on how he became a good student and his success on his SPM.His name is Lim Teck Yu , all of my friends say he looks and suits to be a politician.He has that messiah and that charasmatic looks on his face.His speech skill is excellent too , makes him a perfect motivational speaker or a politician haha.His speech today was really inspirational and made alot of sleepy students got back on their feet.I wish he could come back again , just seeing him walking down the halls made numerous students talking and pointing him.He really brings the morale up.

Tomorrow there is gonna be a Sukan  Tara activity for Form 4 and Form 5 students.That means running , high jumping , far jumping (is that what its called ? LOL) and metal ball swinging >=D.I can run and throw that little metal ball far away enough.But high jumping and "far jumping" ain't in my good side.As you all know or didn't know , I have a big physical body.I am not suited for these two sport activities , I would end up getting myself hurt wahahaha....hope not.Our teacher ordered our class to attend tomorrow's Sukan Tara if not we would get punished.Dictatorship anyone ? haha

Since my friend was sick , his mom won't be fetching us to tuition this afternoon.Me and my good friend Shawn went to tuition by foot today.Really like to walk to a faraway place , has an adventuring feeling to it you know ? But sometimes I would feel lazy and not walk in a long distance travel XD unless if I really have to then no choice.We had a pop quiz at tuition today ... yeah ?

I gotta pass up my argumentative essay tomorrow , I wrote 1009 words.First time so active -_-

Ops my pencil is broken , I love me pies !!!


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