Monday, April 5, 2010

Sea Slugs !!!

"Aww Cute Sea Slug"

5 April Monday

 I know you guys are wondering , "Why am I talking about Sea Slugs ?".My mom bought sea slugs from the market  this morning.When I arrived home , the first thing she done was showing me those icky yucky sea slugs.I don't hate sea slugs just afraid to touch them lol.I wish my mom won't force me to eat those little jabbers.Sea slugs are like snails without shells and live in the sea , some of them are poisonous and pretty.They are cute to look at but alot of people does not want to touch them much , including me.Man , I am such a coward.

Aww I like little kids , little kids are my weakness.If they call me to do something with their large buggly eyes , I can't resist it , I must help them because they are so cute.I love playing with them , they are so active and fun to play with.Just now , I passed by two children playing , the usual chasing around.The little one got his face smacked to a wall but the big one laughed at the little one.The little one started to laugh back !!! Little kids don't care about getting hurt , once they got hurt they just laugh about it ? Wow !!! Still , I love em little kids xD.

This Saturday's party is getting a little bit messed up , now I am trying to fix it.One of my friends advised me to start the party earlier because no parents like a late party.I don't know wether or not I want to change my time , I am still considering.Out of 20 invitations , only 8 confirmed their arrivals.I need them to confirm their arrivals before thursday because I need to reserve stuffs for the party.Hopefully , they would confirm their invitations before Thursday.

Never before a female friend of mine ever entered my house , I am not kidding.I had less female friends when I was in lesser secondary and primary , I don't talk to most of them really.I started to gain more female friends during Form 3 when my social skills started to act up.People were really starting to think that I am gay for having 90% of my friends are boys.You can't blame me , I was a real shy knick knack , I still am right now. When I was little , I never EVER looked into a mirror before.I was afraid of my appearance , ya I know I was stupid LOL.Recently , I gained alot of confidence boost so I changed alot. A Little Vlog for you guys :D

Ops My Pencil Is Broken , Sea SLugs !!

- Sea Slugs =.=

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