Wednesday, April 7, 2010



7 March Wednesday - Head is exploding

Arrr , hi guys , hows it going lately ? Me ? Well just fine but alot of stress lately.School has never given so much homeworks to me.The recent party organizing sent my head flying around the room while screaming.Some of my friends are meeting time and transport problems.Hopefully , they could solve them.Some told me my party ends a little too late , they advised me to open it earlier.My party starts at around 6pm and ends at whatever time you want.You guys can come earlier if you want to !!! I am not changing the time but you guys could come earlier :D.

Today I actually slept for 2 hours , a little nap won't hurt right ? I guess I was really tired to actually fell asleep.

Ladies and gentlemen , my friend wants me to help him promote his little page on Facebook.The page's name is We Love English Songs , so if you are a fan of english songs , go to the link below.He uploaded alot of songs in MP3 format and most of them are awesome.Trust me , if you want a new English song to listen to , go to that little page and find a new one.But he alone can't upload that much songs and I am planning to help him on his quest to uploading the best of all English songs.If can , maybe can create a website xD.!/pages/We-Love-English-Songs/107742439250891?ref=ts

A good song from the website :D

Ops my pencil is broken , busy busy days T_T , can't even write a long post.


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