Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Roar 2


25 April Sunday - Aww Spongebob Squarepants

Week Review :
This week was one tough week to go by , not only there is a stack of homework.Problems were constantly coming into my mind , but luckily most of them are finally now solved.Thankfully , a relaxable week is coming as there will be alot of activities coming on.

Sivic teacher told us to create a scrapbook for some topic I forgot , she wants to test our creative.This project is a real pain but luckily the deadline is the week after the next week.I can't wait for 1 May and I don't want the mid term to come any faster.1 May would be a really fun day because I would be going to the Metro Carnival and my friend's open house party.

The objective of the Metro Carnival is to fund raise for the church which was a victim of the church burning case a few months ago.I went there to support the church and to have a little fun.I hope I would win every single game stand I find , I wanna win more teddies >=D.

Video :

Amazing fire illusions , it formed a cube in the end of the video and there was a guy sitting on it haha.

Want to know more about teenage boys ? This guy says it all.
(He is a funny comedian on Youtube , his account's name is Charlieissocoolike)

Personally , I really like his accent !!!

This picture is so normal !! Where is the... Oh I see -_-

I call this The Triple Horse !!!

I hope you enjoyed this week's Sunday Roar !!! Remember to keep on ROARING , cough ><

Ops my pencil is broken , freak of nature


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