Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Roar 1

"Another Sunset"

18 April Saturday - Lame sunset picture huh ?

Hi guys whats up :) , I decided to make a little Sunday Roar during each Sunday of each week.Sunday Roar would have review of my week , a little video sharing from some sites and funny picture.The sunset picture above sucks huh ? Haha , I know :D

This week is one busy and fun week !!! It is always fun when you are busy well unless you have a boring job , but hey !!! , every job could be fun.If you are a waiter , you could shake your hips and do some dance moves while waiting some tables.You could even crack jokes for your customers.If you are being a boring computer programmer , improvise your work abit.Bring music and shake along with the music while you do your programming.There are many ways to make your life more fun and happy XD.Use your imagination guys ~

"Imagination is the most important thing" - Albert Einstein

Hey guys a little video for you guys and gals out there.This video is from Mystery Guitar Man from Youtube , he is by far the most imaginative and creative guy I seen in Youtube.This video would make you smile and if it won't , come in my room with a running chainsaw !!!

Oh wait , forget about the running chainsaw thing ... brrr

Told you not to drink out of the toilet !!!

Now I seen everything =.=

Ops my pencil is broken , QUESTOS !!!


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