Monday, April 12, 2010

My Birthday Bash

"Yeah Crowdy"

12 April Monday - I still got that fruit cake taste on my lips :P

Hi guys its me again , I know I had been neglecting my blog lately since I was really busy with the party and other stuffs.Now that I am free , its time to catch up.Lets start at Friday , Friday I managed to clean the whole house before the whole day.I was so worked up over the party would be boring or lame that I kept on cleaning and preparing the house.

My mom gave me some cloths and some sanitizers , is it called sanitizers ? Never mind lets call it the "Shiny" because it made things I wiped go bling bling.My mom was in charged of the foods and drinks while my dad in charged of the utilities.I was in charged a part of everything but mostly in the cleanings.I cleaned my brother's room first because out of all the rooms in my house , his room was the worst.It doesn't go clean a day , a few hours later it would get messy , it is like a ghost is living in his room right now lol.

I cleaned my room next , my room's air conditioner is a real pain in the neck.I can't seem to get it to be shiny , my "shiny" can't even make it shiny.I rearranged my dolls and took out my pride and joy of all the dolls.My CJ-7 doll , it was my Form 2 birthday present.It is so fluffy and cute but I don't really like to hug it because it is big , I will show it down below.I cleaned the living room next , so many dust bunnies got killed by me muahahaha XD.

Dang Dang Dang !!!

Saturday morning , I manged to prepare every single computers to be in their top conditions.My laptop became a music box that day with 100 popular songs known by worldwide with a nice speaker system.My gaming computer and casual computer were ready to let the party goers use it.

It was about 2pm , Ron arrived because I rushed him to come.He was my Co-Host so I need him to come much earlier than the others.He was so exicted to meet someone he always wanted to meet in his life.About 3pm , Yee San and Erin arrived.They arrived earlier because Yee San has other plans later on at night and since Erin was following her to attend my party so she tagged along earlier.Yee San and Ron rolled each other's eyes but no biggie.Ron was so shy over meeting Erin for the first time that he remained speechless for a long time.It was great to meet back old friends during primary haha.

Jimmy was the next to arrive , he always have his awesome hair haha.He is like the only guy I know who has that hairstyle and I love it , I could stare at it for days , ew I sounded gay.Tan Kim Hoong was next and then Lim Jay Ming arrived , both of them are best friends of each other.Jay's mom helped me alot by preparing two salads for my party , thanks Jay's mom =).

Qian Ng Jia Cheng and Shawn arrived later own , Jimmy acted as Qian's escort haha.I found Shawn waiting at the guard post when we arrived to wait for Qian , ain't it a coincidence.Qian was as perky as ever and Shawn was as cool as ever xD.Foong , Daniel and Tan Jun Liang arrived later on , I was glad that Jun Liang was able to make it to my party.I never seen Daniel for years and he became a lot more taller !!! Grace arrived later on , she gave me a pretty cup as a birthday present  , haha thanks xD.Lim Hsin Jie , Chong Han Xien and Yeong Rui Zhen arrived later on along with Rachel not for long.

I kept on going up down just to fetch my friends up , so tired +_+.I was all sweaty and sticky so I changed my clothes and took a refreshing shower.Everyone was digging in their food and drinks , most of them were chilling and chatting in my living room.My balcony was packed with people watching the tall view of the setapak area.Some of them play games like UNO Stacko and Poker. My father came back with a brand new camera in his hands , he bought the camera just for this special occasion lol.I took alot of pictures , some of my friends borrowed my camera and took alot of pictures too.Joel arrived at 7pm , Calyn and Cy Ma also arrived at the scene by that time.Cy Ma is really a gentleman , he is pretty shy maybe it was because he doesn't know anybody over there.Calyn was so hungry that time , she stuffed herself alot of chicken xD.Joel was the same cute and jumpy guy haha.

That day , not only I celebrated my birthday , I also celebrated Yee San's birthday.Ron and me came up with this plan haha.We really did surprised her alot xD.The party was alot of fun and I had alot of fun with my pals.I wish that night would never end , seeing them happy makes me happy alot.But that day was my happiest and saddest day ever as I know that was my last day ever on my golden pathway.I wish I could write this longer but the memory of me facing that misery is making me stopping my pencil.

Pictures and Vlog would be on my next post :D

Ops my pencil is broken , I am only gonna break your heart if I tell you the truth , I was slow and I lost.


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