Friday, April 23, 2010

Alarms Got Me Busted

"Ring Ring Ring"

23 April Friday - This reminds me of a SHE song lol

Today alarms kept on giving me trouble , don't really know why.Maybe the queen of alarms sent her army of alarm soldiers just to harm me or even cause trouble for me haha.I wonder what weapon they were using , maybe those pointy things on their faces and the power of their rings !!!

My lift's alarm sounded this afternoon , it doesn't affect me much but the feeling of knowing someone trapped inside the lift ain't comfortable at all.My mom went to check it out and found out it was just some random kids playing with the lift button.Today at tuition , during Ganesh's class.I forgotten to set my cellphone ringtone to silent and I eventually got caught haha.Luckily Ganesh didn't confiscate my handphone , phew ~_~.It was my fault really , I forgotten to set my phone to silent.

"Ring a Daisy" - Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee

Tomorrow I would put a Mixpod application or gadjet on the sidebar with 10 beautiful soundtracks from 10 beautiful movies.I find them very inspirational and soothing so please do listen to them , you could change the music from the mixpod.

Today , modern music culture has taken most of the world.But the epic classical music still never seize to amaze us with their epicness and inspirational tunes.I am a fan of wonderful soundtracks and classical musics.Before I even became a pop culture fan , I always listen to soundtracks and classical musics.People would call me boring and outdate but I dismissed them.Now I found out there are actually more people liking these kind of musics , warms my heart really.

To me , these kinds of music are true MUSIC.But hey , I still listen to any modern music hahaaha xD I can't say which is True Music anyway , all of them are unique in their own way.

This is one of my favourite soundtracks from Lord Of The Rings , one of the most beautiful movie I ever seen in my life.

Ops my pencil is broken , Goblins !!


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