Thursday, April 22, 2010

Drama Is A Pain

"HAHA ^^ ... NONO T_T"

22 April Thursday - DRAMA !!!

Do you know what time is it ? Its drama time !!!

We all know drama , we watch drama on television too.Some of us went to plays of dramas acted by actors on stage , reacting an event or just following a script.Well what about real life drama , like things happening to you similiar to those in those TV shows on Television.You laugh , I laugh and then later FIGHT.Good old drama always gave us stress and things to think about.Even if the drama is only happening on our friends , it would somehow affect you in a way too.

"Its like your not even want a war and get caught in the blast"

Drama on television is a real fun to watch but don't you guys happen to find out something similiar with the dramas on television.Mostly on the Asian dramas.Its like first , all was going well and everything was fine and dandy.Later , BOOM , instant sad and epicness filled your program.I guess thats how dramas are ~ Here are some odd things about dramas.

1.Emotional music plays when thinking about something
2.There will be romance
3.Usually the romance has a real complex triangle
4.The funny scenes are not that funny at all most of the time
5.Alot of bad actors

Even with all these odd things , drama is still a favourite genre watched by most audience of the world.I am not saying drama is a bad thing , I am just pointing things out because I watched alot of drama.Most of them are bad and while some of them are worth watching.All we need is a good director and good actors !!!

Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano just erupted not too long ago , alot of flights from airports in Europe has been canceled due to the ash clouds.The volcano has a really funny name hahaha.Now the European government is planning on sending military planes and aircrafts to take those people who are in the airports trying to get back to Europe.Now this is not the only problem , the ashes could affect the clouds and cause acid rains.Hey at least , the temperature of the Earth is lower !!! Not helping at all isit ?

Eyjafjallajokull , I wonder how that pronounces.... hmmm

Ohyea , guys the vlog of my party is right below this post.Sorry for the inexperienced filming in that vlog because that was my first try with my new camera and I was really high that day , I was high even without the alchohol ... omg lol.

Silent Love Part 1 is right here ~ ---->

I hope you guys like it !!! ^^

Ops my pencil is broken , 2 + 2 = 4 ?


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