Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Shoutout


April 4 Sunday - No Energy

Yesterday , I spent like the whole night writing this long karangan for today's tuition class.It is long but I don't think the quality is good enough to sastify my tuition teacher , he is a real nut over good karangan.I decided to pass it up next week but the teacher also told us to pass up next week in order to improve our last paragraph or ending.Lets just hope I could do it this time xD , I have bad BM.

I am so excited because there is gonna be a party this Saturday and this time I will be the one to organize it.Its been long since I organize a party , the last I organized a party was 12 years old.Its been 4 years now and I need a book , a book about how to organize a party.Like Spongebob , he use a party kit to organize his party haha.

I really wish that my party would be fun and interesting.I don't want it to be dull and boring.So me and my brother would prepare some games and maybe some movies.My house is not a bungalow and definitely not a terrace too , its a condo so it has limited space.Lets hope it could fit my friends , my dad told me that I got too many friends lol.

Yesterday , I posted a video on my blog.I found a way to speed up my uploading time so I would continue to work on my vlogs !!! Yeah.I would post videos of the day at the Time Square Gathering and soon to come events.Normal talking vlogs would be more because I can't go out everyday haha.

Thats all for today , I am gonna go take a nap and then do my homework PEACE ~ Today is the last day of my break ~

Ops my pencil is broken , 3 komsas and 3 rumusans.



  1. I hope you will enjoy yourself at the party =)
    anyway, you are the host xD

  2. Ya I am the host , hope you can come xD