Friday, April 9, 2010


"Arhh ^_^"

9 April Friday - Relaxing with a cup of sparkling juice.

Haha , after a long day of preparing and cleaning the house.I am confident that tomorrow's party is gonna be a good one.The most important thing is my guests are comfortable and having fun tomorrow !!! I don't need gifts to make me happy , I need their laughters and smiles :) A host always wants to see his guests having fun and not boring , god bless me and my friends tomorrow.Ensure them safety and no family conflicts bounded to them.Heres some features for tomorrow.

The Music BoX

~ The Music Box is my laptop along with my good speakers.It alone contains 100 popular songs known by people worldwide.Multiple and different genres are all inside that little rascal and it would boom out everything it could tomorrow.You could go and change the music as you please or just call the DJ to change it for you.The laptop has Wi-Fi connection so you guys could use it to surf the net if you want to.

Computer Haven

~ 3 computers are waiting for you to use it to your favours.The computer in my brother's room has high speed ram in used.Good internet connection quality is awaiting to you to use it the fullest.Latest and popular video games are all available inside the computer.The laptop outside in the living has moderate speed and has Wi-fi connection too , so you guys could still use.The computer in my room has the slowest speed among all 3 of my computers but still manage to get the job done for you guys.The room has the most perfect lighting to sastify a relaxing computer usage.


~ Poker cards are available so remember to bring money because there maybe gambling tomorrow.My dad would be the banker he said haha.UNO Stacko is available too , whoever makes the tower of blocks to fall would be cursed by the Truth or Dare mantra haha.UNO cards for casual users are available too so you could enjoy without gambling XD.Balloons are here too !!!!

Movie Fantasticolia

~ I prepared 3 movies for tomorrow.One of them is the Oscar Winning Movie - Hurt Locker.The other two are chinese comedy movies , I can't tell you their names , you guys would know tomorrow.There will be a period that I would let my guests to choose which movie to watch.

The Couple Lounge

~ Got a boyfriend ? Got a girlfriend ? Then go and sit in the couple lounge out in my balcony.I prepared two chairs and a mirror table for couples to enjoy their food while watching the beautiful night city.Maybe even makeout a little ? haha.Don't worry , people who don't have a partner could go watch the view too but make sure to not disturb the couples.

Food And Drinks

~ Foods and Drinks are all prepared for tomorrow , so be sure to get ready your stomach tomorrow :D

Ops my pencil is broken , tired go sleep now XD

Tomorrow ... will be my happiest and saddest day ever...

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